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  • Awesome service, professional, friendly-my battered car looks amazing! Thanks Lloyds �

    Tina Black Avatar
    Tina Black

    Recommended, great service from a friendly repair centre.

    Steve Westley Avatar
    Steve Westley

    I was recommended Lloyd’s by my detailer who has a keen eye for detail. My car is a pearl blue colour so i realised it was going to be hard to get a good match Thankfully lloyds nailed it. They repaired my damaged panel rather than replacing, and got a perfect colour match. They also repaired a cracked alloy wheel i had. They’re not the cheapest around, but you can’t put a price on quality 👌

    Carl Lavis Avatar
    Carl Lavis
  • Colin and the team did an excellent job of repairing my van after an accident, I will definitely use them again and can’t recommend them enough.

    Peter Rushforth Avatar
    Peter Rushforth

    I was recently on the receiving end of a crash which ended up with damage to the paintwork all down the driver’s side. As I looked to give the third party a choice on how to proceed with the repairs, I took my car to a couple of garages, and Lloyds definitely came out on top. They were able to provide an immediate estimate and also put me in touch with an accident management company in case the preferred option was to go through the insurance company. The timescale to complete the work was about a week and an offer of a courtesy car was provided, As it happens the third party opted to go through the insurance, even though the quote provide was very good. I still maintained a dialogue with Lloyds even though the claim was being handled with a accident management company, as I found dealing directly with them suited me better. I found each call to be quickly answered and knowledge of the stage of repair immediately given. Upon receiving my car back, I can only say WOW!! Bodywork was pristine, and the dented/scuffed alloy looked brand new! Such was the care and attention to deliving a superb job, I noticed one or two other areas not directly attributable to the accident had been addressed also!! The car was polished and valeted to a high standard – I have 2 young kids and the inside was filthy!! Thanks again to Colin and the team at Lloyds Refinishers.

    Stuart Bywater Avatar
    Stuart Bywater

    My car got dinked in a supermarket carpark. The job Lloyds did making it good was outstanding. The paint match is perfect. Quick efficient and very reasonably priced. I would recommend this company to you.

    tim welbourne Avatar
    tim welbourne
  • Volvo 240 Repair! Excellent! My classic Volvo got hit and Colin and the team did a great job making it look like it never happened! Very good colour match for a 26 year old car and decal work was spot on. Would and have recommended them. Will be back

    LaurenceC-23 Avatar

    Re pair to transporter Excellent re paint of my rear bumper, transporter .friendly people very professional 10/10

    EdwardM-124 Avatar

    A very friendly place to take your car,everyone was friendly,polite and told everything about what they did to sort our car.

    Mike Whitcher Avatar
    Mike Whitcher
  • Good as New! After my car unfortunately suffered damage I took it to Lloyds Refinishers to have a look. Colin and Steve were great and reassured me that things could be put back to normal. Although my Insurance ompany wanted to organise repairs I have made this mistake before (there’s a reason why they want to use their own people and I suspect it’s to save them money so the quality of the work will be compromised, in my opinion). As quite a lot of work was required the car was with them for a few days. I have today collected the car and WOW, amazing quality job, the car is just as perfect as the day it arrived new – good as new – extremely happy!

    AdamskiM-1 Avatar

    Amazing service, super friendly owner, quick repair at a wonderful price. Could not ask for better

    Eva Jakobsen Avatar
    Eva Jakobsen

    I’ve used Lloyd’s Refinishers a fair few times over the last 10 years all since I got my first car and had a bump!

    I recently had a non fault accident and was able to chose the body shop, I chose Lloyd’s without a seconds thought. I wouldn’t be happy with any other body shop doing my car now. Their work is superb and their attention to detail is spot on 🙂

    I’ve seen some other reviews about timings,
    IF they take slightly than another body shop, I’d say that’s because they are doing such a great job and it’s worth the wait!

    Highly recommend Colin and his team

    Chris Taverner Avatar
    Chris Taverner
  • Thanks Lloyds refinishers Just had some body work done on my golf, car looks amazing!! Friendly staff and great price. Thanks colin.

    AlanL-223 Avatar

    They done some work on my car a few months ago and the job they done was amazing and the colour match was perfect. I’ll be getting my wheels refurbished there soon and the customer service was excellent.

    Steve Bugg Avatar
    Steve Bugg

    I had quite a nasty crease in my wing, Lloyd’s repaired the wing and got a perfect colour match on a hard to match colour. They also welded up a cracked alloy i had. Can’t argue with the quality of their work, second to none.

    Carl Lavis Avatar
    Carl Lavis
  • Fantastic service and workmanship. Fantastic service and quality of workmanship. Had car door replaced and painted, perfect match. Highly recommended this company for body shop repairs and alloy wheel refurbishment.

    DarylR-29 Avatar

    Fixed dent in car. Fantastic job

    Tjae Essery Avatar
    Tjae Essery

    John Iles MBE
    I have been restoring a BMW E30 classic to a very high standard and was seeking a professional body shop that would deliver on all aspects of the meticulous high standards of finish I was after. Colin came out to look at the car and I could immediately tell he knowledge was exceptional and his professional suggestions were first class. With this I placed my beloved E30 into the hands of Colin’s business. OH MY GOODNESS, the finish was OUTSTANDING and AMAZING. It is 100% show room finish. They removed the windows, all trim, bumpers etc to ensure no paint seams were being introduced and the finish was mirror like. Throughout the work in progress, he was in contact with me regularly, sent pictures of taking the bodywork back to metal and the outstanding preparation work he was doing and subsequent progress thereafter. He invited me up to look at the car during the process and highlighted some things he had noted and rectified. His arranged for my original number plates to be replicated, even with the small BMW logo between the selling dealership name. Colin not only owns, runs and manages this business but his whole heart and soul is imbedded within it which delivers the best ever body shop work you will ever find. I can’t recommend Lloyds Refinishers Ltd highly enough, you will not ever find a better company that delivers the truly amazing extremely high standard of workmanship that emanates from Colin’s passion. Colin also has something that is significantly lacking in many businesses nowadays, and that is Customer Care. As an absolutely delighted customer, Colin always put me first. A truly amazing company and an equally outstanding manager, Colin. Very many thanks for everything you did Colin, I honestly can’t thank you enough. (As mentioned I’ve got some more BMW Performance body parts for my BMW G30 to be painted up) AAAAAAAA*************

    john iles Avatar
    john iles
  • Amazing job done on my car, no hassle with arranging courtesy car for me. Would definatly reccomend

    Emma Stewart Avatar
    Emma Stewart

    Desmond Willcox Crownhill. Excellent repairs to our vehicle. Congratulations to Colin and staff for doing a really good job. Highly recommended.

    MagentaCard13 Avatar

    Friendly, fast and professional service Fantastic customer service and they do a top class job. Would recommend this company for anyone looking for quality repairs and resprays.

    GrayTelephone54 Avatar

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